I’m the coordinator for online organ playing assessments with Dr. Kevin Bowyer. Submit a video or audio recording of yourself playing a piece that you want feedback on. Dr. Bowyer will then provide written feedback for your performance, with advice for improvement.

Payment is made through PayPal to Dr. Bowyer: an invoice will be sent via email when the written feedback is ready to be delivered. Each submission for feedback is £80. Recordings should be less than 15 minutes long. (For longer sessions, please get in touch.)

To submit a recording or for any questions, please email me (Angelique) at kevinbowyerlessons@gmail.com.

Dr. Kevin Bowyer is one of the world’s most accomplished organists. He has taken first prize at five major international organ competitions (St. Alban’s, Odense, Dublin, Paisley, and Calgary.) He has premièred hundreds of new works for organ, and has made more than a hundred commercial recordings, including the complete organ works of J.S. Bach, Brahms, Messiaen, and Jehan Alain. As an educator, he has decades of experience in teaching and mentoring organists, and has been an ABRSM examiner for over 20 years.

For Dr. Bowyer’s full biography, visit www.seveneightartists.com/bowyer.

For lessons in Vancouver, BC, you can send an email to angeliquepo@hotmail.com, or visit the RCCO Vancouver Centre website at www.rcco.bc.ca.